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Hi Seller, My name is Mrs Kate Smith from London(UK).I saw your item on yahoo auctions in the Japan.I am interested in buying the item for a client of mine in Africa who urgently needs the item.I am willing to pay you an extra amount of $50 to your final selling price if you accept to sell the item to me ok.Reply back to me only and directly at smithkate1000@yahoo.com so as to know if my offer is ok. Thanks Mrs Kate.



Thanks for the reply.Your price for the item is perfectly ok by me..I want you to know that the item is urgently needed by my client,that is the reason why i want to buy the item directly from you ok.Please understand this ok.I will make the payment for the item by HSBC Bank.This bank can transfer money to the Japanese Bank any Bank in any country.So you do not have any problem about that also ok.All i requier from you to proceed with the payment for the item is the Total Cost for the item including the EMS Shipping Cost of the item to my client in Nigeria + The added offer i promised you.Also provide me with your Full Bank Account Informations of where i will transfer the payment of the item to ok.I will be informing you about the HSBC Banks proceedures as soon as i have gotton your full payment details i have requested for the payment above ok.

Below is my clients address in Nigeria where the item is to be sent to as soon as the payment has been made:

Name: Mr Adam Edem,
Address: Block 1,Jakande Estate Oke-Afa Isolo,
City/State: Lagos,
Zipcode: 23401,
Country: Nigeria.

I will be expecting your soonest reply with the total cost and your full bank account informations for the payment of the item immediately.

Thanks Mrs Kate.



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